ARTECHO Architecture and Landscape Architecture was established in 1980 with the objective of synthesizing art and technology in architecture. 

This award-winning and internationally published firm creates designs in which the relationships between buildings and their landscapes are well thought out and integrated. Site specifics are thoroughly analyzed and discoveries optimized to achieve dramatic and practical use of space. An understanding and implementation of sustainable design principles is fundamental. Whether working collaboratively or independently, the partners value a shared vision and a close working relationship between client, architect, landscape architect, contractor, and consultant. 

The firm's emphasis has been the creation of projects which come to life through an imaginative and probative use of materials, and a constant questioning of spatial and functional conventions. ARTECHO Architecture and Landscape Architecture is committed to providing pragmatic and innovative solutions for a wide range of design needs.





12022 Venice Blvd, Suite A, Los Angeles CA 90066

o: 310-399-4794



All landscape photography by Jack Coyier, except Edible Garden (Steve Gunther) and San Diego Ranch (Pamela Palmer). San Juan photography by Art Gray and Jack Coyier.



Pamela Palmer is principal in charge of landscape architecture. Holding a master's degree in landscape architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and a fine arts degree from UCLA, Pamela draws from her strong background in art and landscape architecture. Before joining ARTECHO, Pamela worked for eight years with Peter Walker, Martha Schwartz, and William Johnson on projects in Japan and Europe, as well as across the US. Her long-standing conviction that outdoor space can be sculpted in a way that it is artful and intriguing, while practical and ecologically responsible, is evident in her work. Her experience includes projects ranging in size from residential and commercial to elementary and university and corporate campuses to city parks and urban design of new and existing town centers. The current emphasis is on single and multi-family residential projects ranging in scale from urban courtyards to rural estates as well as institutional and commercial works throughout California.

Howard Rosen is an architect with a strong background in engineering, construction, fine art, and a degree in industrial Design from UCLA. Many of his buildings are engineered to allow open and flexible spaces; room sizes are adjustable as family and business needs change. Very skilled in the efficiency of space, he maximizes square footage to design living spaces that are open and engage the landscape. From furniture design and dance to computer graphics and gardening, Howard's varied talents and interests are supported by his thorough knowledge of the built environment and clear understanding of how projects are built. award's extensive preliminary research at the onset of a project saves the client time and money by going to plausible, buildable solutions.



Honor Award, Southern California ASLA, 2016 | Blue Oak Hills

Merit Award, Southern California ASLA, 2016 | Culver City Urban Forest Master Plan

Honor Award, National ASLA, 2007 | Lunada Bay

House and Garden Tastemaker Award, 2007

Sunset Magazine Dream Garden Award, 2004